Pedro Barateiro. Prova de Resistência

Cover of Teoria da Resistência (Pedro Barateiro, 2012)

In 2012, Pedro Barateiro presented for the first time Prova de Resistência, in Guimarães, the European Capital of Culture that year. The work is both an installation and a performance and can be presented in both formats. In both formats, the text the text occupies a pivotal position and is shared with the public, being read in the performance, distributed in photocopies in the installation and published in the book. The text, homonymously entitled “Prova de Resistência”, is rooted by Pedro Barateiro in the idea of the human body as a sculptural and social barricade and it is for him a quasi-manifesto, written at a time when Portugal was being literally “tested” in order to obey to the economic rules set by the European Union.

This book is credited by Pedro Barateiro as part of the work. On the cover it states: “Este objecto é um exercício de resistência / E deverá ser lido em voz alta…” [This object is an endurance test. And should be read aloud]. The performance is activated with a clear intent. Inside, the text begins with a more reflexive sense, an essay that expands over more than 12 pages, interspersed with pictures. But, quite suddenly, the structure of the text changes, and it becomes a poem. The second text in the book is a section from Geography and Plays (1922) by Gertrude Stein, from “A Curtain Raiser” to “I Like It to Be a Play”, translated to Portuguese for the first time. Pictures are constant throughout the book, always occupying the entire page, full bleed.

Pedro Barateiro. Prova de Resistencia
Back cover of Teoria da Resistência (Pedro Barateiro, 2012)

Author’s edition, Lisboa, 2012
Texts in Portuguese – Pedro Barateiro, Gertrude Stein
158 × 230 mm; softcover; 152 pp.
Available: Used, as new

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